Coffee Methodology

S&S products aren’t curated with low quality beans or poor farming and manufacturing processes; they’re carefully curated out of the desire to honor rich, ethical, sustainable coffee culture, while injecting a little more fun and flare into the game of golf with big cups of stoke! 

When we considered our signature blends, we paid attention to every detail from region of origin, flavor profile, acidity, and body.  With this in mind, we came up with organic blends with the biggest flavor profiles that are ready match your golf personality and punch you square in the tastebuds to get you stoked for your day!

We believe everyone deserves to have high frequency energy on the regular.  After all, its our personal currency that we spend daily.  We want to show you what's possible in your golf game and life with our stoke project, one sip at a time!

With the modern day athlete, golfer, and health conscious biohacker in mind, we are teeing you up with the highest grade fuel for your life of stoke.  On top of that big boss energy on the course, Stroke & Stoke Coffee will help you land in flow states daily by improving your mental clarity and focus.  

Oh, and another by-product of our products - it makes you sexier!  

Are you ready for your life of STOKE?