About Us

Like every crazy idea that has ever come to fruition, this all began with a nearly illegal amount of coffee in our systems.  A fishbowl of coffee to be exact.  After this fishbowl, pen was put to paper, and "magic" was created.  The name Stroke & Stoke was etched onto a ripped piece of paper.  

We then followed up this sexy, sassy and sensual name by taking it public to our friends.  Over a nice dinner, we began flicking some of the best coffee beans from our coffee-infused alcoholic beverages at each other while chatting about our pretty average golf games.  

There isn't quite anything like bonding with your buddies over all of should-have, could-have, would-haves in a round, only to make yourself realize that you are that much closer to needing therapy and some coaching.  

Instead of therapy, we found coffee!

We concluded that coffee before, during and after rounds not only hits us in the right places, but allows us to stay mentally sharp, focused, and energized to hit bombs!

It also makes us funnier and perceivably sexier all at the same time.  


So here's to making a good stroke out there and adding a big cup of stoke to your day. 


Welcome to Stroke & Stoke!